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how does it work?

Introducing SnappyData

A new real-time analytics platform that combines probabilistic data structures, approximate query processing and in memory distributed data management to deliver powerful analytic querying and alerting capabilities on Apache Spark at a fraction of the cost of traditional big data analytics platforms. Learn more

  • OLTP + OLAP Inside Spark

    Instantaneous analysis on streaming data, written to a data store that support high writes, point updates, point queries as well as analytic queries.

  • Spark & SQL interfaces

    SnappyData delivers ease of use by exposing the Spark programming model and SQL query execution.

  • Synopsis Data Structures

    Data structures with very low memory footprint designed for fast approximate querying.

How does it work?

SnappyData fuses the Spark computational engine with a highly available, multi-tenanted in-memory database to execute OLAP & OLTP queries on streaming data. Further, SnappyData can store data in a variety of synopsis data structures to provide extremely fast responses on less resources. Finally, applications can either submit Spark programs or connect using JDBC/ODBC to run interactive or continuous SQL queries. Learn more

  • 1

    Deploy SnappyData and connect it to historical or streaming data

  • 2

    Write interactive or continuous SQL queries on connected data

  • 3

    Use SnappyData’s synopsis structures to speed up execution

SnappyData Features

  • Committed to Open Source

  • SQL & Spark interfaces

  • Concurrent OLAP+OLTP workloads

  • Synopsis data structures designed for speed

  • Integration with Spark ecosystem

  • Always-on high availability

SnappyData Team

Snappydata was incubated at Pivotal by a highly experienced team of engineers empowered to create a breakthrough OSS Big Data platform. That team spun out in Jan 2016 as a standalone entity. Learn more

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