SnappyData iSight

Lightning fast visualizations on large data sets at a fraction of the cost and complexity

NYC Taxi Analytics Demo on SnappyData iSight

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Introducing SnappyData iSight

SnappyData iSight combines the SnappyData in-memory Spark database platform with a visualization front-end to provide immediate insights on analytical queries.

The SnappyData Synopsis Data Engine (SDE) offers a novel and scalable system to analyze large data sets. SDE uses statistical sampling techniques and probabilistic data structures to answer analytic queries with sub-second latency. There is no need to store or process the entire data set. The approach trades off query accuracy for fast response time.

Deploy iSight in two clicks

  • Why iSight

    Read our blog announcing iSight and learn about it's motivations

  • Deploy in two clicks

    SnappyData CloudBuilder Launches iSight for free on AWS in two clicks.

  • Watch the video

    Watch the iSight high level video

  • Read the docs

    Read the iSight documentation

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