NEW SnappyData joins forces with TIBCO

TIBCO Acquires High Performance In-Memory Data Platform SnappyData.

Jags Ramnarayan, CTO of SnappyData gives his perspective on the acquisition here. Mark Palmer, SVP of Analytics at TIBCO shares his thoughts on the emerging world of unified analytics in this post.

SnappyData is a high performance in-memory data platform for mixed workload applications. Built on Apache Spark, SnappyData provides a unified programming model for streaming, transactions, machine learning and SQL Analytics in a single cluster. SnappyData unifies real time data sources with external data sources that have a Spark connector. SnappyData is 100% compatible with Apache Spark and is Open Sourced with an Apache V2 license.


SnappyData delivers a 20X speed-up to Spark and a 100X speed-up using synopses data

Open Source

100% compatible with Apache Spark. 100% committed to Open source.




Easily work with JSON/SQL/Objects. Work with all data sources supported by Spark.


One cluster to support transactions, streaming and analytics. Simpler to deploy, manage and own

How industries use it

IoT, Health, Ad Tech & More

  • Industrial Internet

    Continuous ingestion of sensor data analyzed to predict failures before they happen.

  • Finance

    Analytics Platform as a service in Finance: post-trade and tick analytics.

  • Ad Tech

    Exploratory analytics for data scientists in the Ad Tech world

Explore SnappyData's Vision

SnappyData's CIDR 2017 paper is available