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Contributions to Snappy go beyond just submitting patches

Bug reports help us find and diagnose issues with SnappyData much faster than we would find on our own. To file a bug in our JIRA instance, please visit this link. To submit and issue on github, please visit this link.

Writing blog posts about how you’re using SnappyData or what you’re patching inside SnappyData are interesting and useful to our community. They also demonstrate your expertise. If you would like to contribute a blog post to SnappyData’s blog message plamb on any of the chat platforms SnappyData uses or email plamb at

Our docs will likely contain errors and not be as accessible as they could be. That said, our goal is for them to be as easy to understand as possible, so contributions to documentation are extremely appreciated. To help with documentation, message plamb on any of the chat platforms SnappyData uses or email plamb at

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Issues are tracked via our JIRA and code changes are proposed via pull requests on Github. It is worth searching our JIRA, Github issues, or asking on one of our chat platforms before writing patches for SnappyData, as the fix may have been addressed previously. Learn more and see build instructions here: Working With The SnappyData Source Code

If you’re interested in contributing, but don’t have an idea yet on what you’d like to work on, check out our JIRA

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