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Difference from OSS

  • High Availability, High Concurrency

  • Row and column store

  • Deep Spark integration

  • SnappyData Monitoring Console

  • SQL Support (OLTP/OLAP)

SnappyData requires Java 8. It has been tested on Linux & Mac OSX. By downloading, you are agreeing to SnappyData's terms of service


The AWS cloud is a great way to run your SnappyData cluster. Use our CloudBuilder tool or easily deploy with our AMI and ec2 scripts and leverage the power of EC2, EBS and more.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a flexible and easy-to-use cloud hosting solution for those requiring clusters running linux or windows

Snappy in the cloud

Instantly Deploy

Snappy in containers

Transparent deployment


SnappyData has an image available for the popular docker containerization platform.

Docker Cloud

Docker Cloud is a platform for building, managing and deploying docker containers across a variety of cloud providers.

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